• 1:33 - Luke claims that: "We say Wimbledon and Wimbleton in this episode a little bit because I'm not confident in my sport pronunciations." In this episode he mentions the world's oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament a grand total of seven times, and says "Wimbleton" four of them. Evan does not join him in this.
  • 21:39: - In the scenario he paints Evan has the gatekeeper claim that Wolverine's birth name was "Jimmy Hudson". In the main canon universe it's actually "James Howlett", though the former is actually the son of that hero in an alternate universe.
  • 29:30 - Luke also describes Jimmy Pelton's solicitor as a Mr. Burg-ess, with a hard "G", like in Shaggy and Velma's ship name.
  • 37:09 - For the third time our bonus episode "High Rise Hair Raiser" is mentioned, though this time it's not Evan, who is the typical offender. As we've had to mention time and time again, that is unfortunately content that is only available through our Patreon. As we state every time this comes up we are very sorry for that, and will edit it out next time if need be.
  • 39:39 - Evan says that "all you see is the Devil Hound in the prow of the sailboat." The vessel they're escaping in is definitely a rowboat.

EPISODE 12 - "The Warlock of Wimbledon"
The Scooby-Doo Show
Season 3, Episode 15

6/26/2017 - It's particularly serendipitous that this is the week when we chose to begin dating the releases on these pages as it calls attention to our incredible timing. Which is to say that Wimbledon started yesterdayAnd we watched and recapped an episode of Scooby-Doo about Wimbledon. Even if this was a complete accident and totally unplanned you'd have no way of proving that.

Did you know that Evan and Luke used to be big into ping-pong? It's like tennis, except you play it on a table. There's a snappy name there somewhere, probably. Even during our most intense matches we can say with confidence that we were never observed by any men with unflattering facial hair. Which, thinking back to the school we attended, may be suspect in its own right.

  • 4:38 - Here's that CollegeHumor sketch Luke likes so much! It's a classic.
  • 12:02 - And here's a convenient link to a picture of Majora's Mask, so you can compare it against our title card see just how accurate Luke's description of the warlock's staff is!
  • 19:44 - As the resident Canadian host, Evan will readily admit that the spelling of "touque" still throws him for a loop.
  • 31:31 - Many of you probably knew this, but the "watery tart" that Luke claims Scoob and Shag are on the lookout for is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • 44:16 - Spoilers for the end of Indiana Jones and the Ark of the Covenant below which, yeah, does look a great deal like that Wimbledon locker room. 
  • 1:04:27 - The helmets that British police wear will always remind Evan of one of The IT Crowd's best openers: