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They are still largely about Scooby-Doo, though.


Scooby Dudes: The Next Generation

11/18/2018 - Two nerdy guys tail new goals to nurture growth. Then nobody's grateful? Take notice, group! To navigate generous tempers needs gumption. The Next Generation.

Take that, V for Vendetta! Anyway, in this episode Luke and Evan think ahead to what the future might be for Scoob and the gang. In discussing the next incarnation of the show they also touch on a very special announcement in the outro. Stay tuned so that you can stay tuned!

THE MORE YOU READ: Here’s a link to one of the fanfiction pieces mentioned (it was hosted on DeviantArt for some reason)!

10/30/2018 - Brothers, sisters, and all other siblings, let it be known that Scooby-Doo has and always will be a dog. Canis familiaris. A Great Dane, to be more specific, or a Deutsche Dogge if you hail from Germany. An animal.

Yet in spite of that incontrovertible fact this particular canine is rarely ever treated like one! This week Luke and Evan attempt to teach one another what new tricks this old dog might have if he was ever considered one. Will they stop before they're too far (dog-)gone?

Discourse-porated: Scooby-Doo Is a Dog

Writers' Room:
October-est 2018

10/1/2018 - There's an alternate universe out there where Evan and Luke put their education and occupational efforts towards becoming TV writers, and brought their passion to Scooby-Doo to life via an actual animated TV series and not just the best-reviewed Scoob podcast on iTunes. Sure, Donald Trump is still president, but there is this silver lining.

Writers' Rooms are where both co-hosts bring a little slice of that world to this one, letting listeners in on what their vision of Scooby-Doo and the gang would look like. (Also, if this helps at all, in that reality Anthony Bourdain is still alive.) (Also also: this episode is all about celebrating the great month of October.)

Friendterrogation Episode VI: Return of the Numbering

9/3/2018 - If you really break it down, isn't every conversation just a two-way interrogation? If true, that means that every single episode of Scooby Dudes is a Friendterrogation™. Which would result in the episode numbering of this podcast so much worse than it already is, given that non-recaps aren't counted.

One day listeners remember that they can ask the two co-hosts questions that aren't related to boring ol'* Scooby-Doo, but it didn't take place during the week leading up to this one. That's cool, though, because Luke and Evan manage to squeeze a bit of fun out of them anyway!

*Scooby-Doo isn't boring at all; it's great!

THE MORE YOU SEE: Here's yet another handy visual guide to show you what the special fancast in this particular episode might look like!


8/6/2018 - Special thanks to Overpriced Subscription Service for sponsoring today's stream. There's no reason not to join! Except for the fact that the money you could (and might already be) paying for monthly physical goods might instead be put towards a particular Patreon...

Evan and Luke get together to play a game, and its name is "Discuss What Scooby-Doo Video Games You'd Like to See Exist". Winners or losers, it's important to remember that the main goal is to have fun! They sure did, and hopefully so do their listeners.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Before anyone starts ragging on Evan about there actually being several islands you can visit in JumpStart 1st Grade, they should note that he's referring to the original from 1995, and not the newer release from 2000.

7/9/2018 - This week Luke and Evan ask their listeners to put their money where their . . . ears are? The point is that they're talking about shopping, specifically when it comes to Scooby-Doo merchandise and memorabilia! A true ride down the winding road of Scrapitalism!

Let the Scooby Dudes tell you what to buy (or not buy). Velma-nage your finances and make sure you're making all the right investments. (financial pun involving "Shaggy") and, if you can believe that, (financial pun involving "Daphne")!

THE MORE YOU SEE: Check out this page to see all of the Con$cooberism products, as well as links to where you can buy them.

Con$cooberism: Keeping Up with the (Fred) Joneses

6/11/2018 - The Scooby Dudes have released 50 episodes or so, each featuring a theme song stating plainly that their podcast is for dudes, ladies, and those who fall under the LGBTQ umbrella. Not content to reserve their support to a song, they're taking some time to celebrate LGBT Pride Month (a timely three weeks in).

Hopefully you don't get seasick, because there's discussion of ships galore. Daphne and Velma? Fred and Shaggy? Even the Great Dane himself is discussed in an episode critics have been alternately calling "worryingly under-researched" and "a gay old time"!

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Yes, that was Evan coming out as bi in this episode! 

Keep the Pride Remarks to a Maximum: LGBT Pride Month Spectacular


4/29/2018 - With all due respect and apologies to Willard Carroll Smith Jr., Luke and Evan take a break from the Scooby-Doo recaps to sit down and ask each other a few deep and meaningful questions. Given their 14+ years of friendship there can't possibly be anything left that they don't know about each other, can there?

Really, the two co-hosts barely prepared for what turned out to be a thoroughly entertaining episode. Their conversation is on-brand and a lot of their humour is off-colour, so in many ways this is Scooby Dudes at its absolute best (or worst, depending on who you ask).

THE MORE YOU KNOW: This is actually the first ever episode to receive an explicit rating, which was added after a listener mentioned being offended by a lot of the content. Your personal mileage may vary.

Just the Two of Us
(We Can Fake It If We Try)

2/26/2018 - No one's trying to hide the fact that the title of this episode is, to put it gently, extremely poorly conceived. It plays on the idea that you can just slot numbers in for letters, like the absolutely hilarious "5NAL DESTINATION". Actually, this makes less sense, because saying it out loud you hear "four-riendterrogation".

The Scooby Dudes have fun with song lyrics! They hear from a whole bunch of people from a particular social media network (hint: it's not Facebook!). They forego one fancast and tackle another! Basically they answer a bunch of questions and also make jokes; you know the drill.

THE MORE YOU SEE: As with every single fancast that we've ever done, and will ever do, Evan has photoshopped together a handy visual guide so that you can see what their respective picks might look like side-by-side.


PROMPT and Circumstance

1/29/2018 - It's Monday, and the Scooby Dudes are (almost) never late! That's right, they're a timely, punctual duo, always on cue. They don't require any motivation, no hints needed here. Luke and Evan have never needed to be persuaded to be early or responsive.

On a completely unrelated note, this is another prompt episode! They've booted up the ol' writing prompt generator and used the suggestions provided to cobble together a wholly original episode of Scooby-Doo. They had an absolute blast, and are hoping that this was just as fun to listen to as it was to record.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: The one shownote that was promised was the song Luke and Evan begin singing roughly one minute and thirty-eight seconds into the episode, which is "I Am Not A Robot" by Marina and the Diamonds.

1/1/2018 -  How appropriate is it, in light of this new year, that this episode comes out to exactly twenty minutes and seven seconds? Humanity joins together to leave 2007 behind as it welcomes the promise of 2008. Hold on, it's not 2008? [insert Robin Williams Jumanji meme here].

Luke and Evan kick off yet another of the Earth's rotation around the sun with a look towards what they expect out of their podcast. Some might consider this installment to be an all-time low, re: juvenile humour, but they still can't believe they completely neglected to say "Happy New Year".

THE MORE YOU KNOW: If you were in fact interested in purchasing a certain product that your hosts shilled, you should know it actually goes by an entirely different name than mentioned. You can also snag it on Amazon here, for you Americans, and here for the Canadians.

New Year, New Me(stakes
oh man an episode has never been up this late)

12/25/2017 -  The last episode of Scooby Dudes for 2017 falls on Christmas Day, and what better gift could the hosts give their listeners than almost a full hour of what was originally meant to be not much longer than 20 to 30 minutes. But hey, 'tis the season!

Luke and Evan consider everything they've been through to get where they are today, chilling in their old college town, faced with the very real threat of being trapped there by seriously intense snowfall. They're having the very happiest of holidays, and they hope you do as well!

THE MORE YOU KNOW: But for real, though, both Evan and Luke are spending Christmas together. On another note, this is the first time ever that Evan has been present and able to listen to Luke as he edits the episode. They both found the experience delightful. What a magical time of year!

Scooby Dudes,
Where Are You?:
A Very Merry 2017 Retrospective

Groovy Movie News

12/4/2017 -  This week Luke and Evan take a break from talking about their favourite meddling kids (and their dumb dog, too) on the ol' idiot box to discussing just two of the teens (no dog) making their way on to the silver screen! But which pair is it, and why isn't it Shaggy and Velma?

The "Scooby Dupe" doesn't come up this episode, so this is as good a place as any to remind you that it's a term the duo have coined for a scenario, typically enacted by Scooby and Shaggy, that holds such great social pressure that the monster chasing them is forced to comply. Never forget.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: As promised, here's a link to Variety's coverage.

A cursory Google search reveals that the Tisdales' Blondie Girl Productions does not have a functioning website, though it can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagramand Snapchat (blondiegirlprod).

11/6/2017 -  Luke and Evan had a truly special episode for you lined up this week, but unfortunately ran into some recording issues. Then it struck them: what could be more special than recording an impromptu episode in its place? Probably a guest star, now that they think about it a little more.

For the first time ever the Scooby Dudes piece together an original, never-before-heard episode from their very favourite franchise with a prompt that came not from flesh and blood. No, it didn't come from a ghost! (Though that is an understandable assumption.) They just found a writing prompt generator online. 

THE MORE YOU KNOW: The Story Shack Writing Prompt Generator they used can be found here! If only they had known, they would have used the Character Name Generator for all the colourful men and women that Mystery Inc. end up bumping into. Maybe next time.

Straight Outta

10/16/2017 -  NOT to be confused with Rule 34 (NEVER to be confused with Rule 34, Rule 63 is essentially shorthand for genderswapping characters. That's what Luke and Evan did with their fancast in this week's episode! Wow! What a neat and also intellectually stimulating challenge for them! That sounds sarcastic but this was written in all seriousness.

That comes at the tail end, and leading up to it are a few other fun Qs for them to A. Admittedly, some askers approach the duo as if they're Google, or the Jeeves of yore, but they still do their best to give every query the attention it deserves.

THE MORE YOU SEE:  Just like last time, another handy visual guide has been created for you to better envision Luke and Evan's fancasts! As a bonus, the latter even drew some really cool Rule 63 Scooby-Doo fan art for it!

FrienDterrogation III:
Rule 63 Fancastrophe

9/11/2017 - Evan and Luke love answering questions, but they also love talking amongst themselves, not beholden to the whims of their beloved listeners. "Blistery Discourse-porated" allows the Scooby Dudes to surprise one another with their internet finds, as well as their own ideas for what the show could be.

Friendterrogation episodes will absolutely be making a return, but the three features contained in this special episode are sure to make reappearances moving forward. They're just too fun not to!

THE MORE YOU SEE: Check out this page to see all of the Con$cooberism products, as well as links to the Comment Sense they spotted!


Three Features, No Creatures

8/7/2017 - Just like children, some questions deserve a little more attention than others, which is why Luke and Evan have returned to one in particular from their last Friendterrogation. How could they not, when it asked how they would cast their own live action Scooby-Doo movie?

Alongside their intense discussion of who in Hollywood is best suited to star as Mystery Incorporated, they also answer a number of other Scoob-related queries. Their listeners should know that they're open to answering other questions as well! Seriously!

THE MORE YOU SEE: As promised in the episode, a handy visual guide has been provided for you to see what Evan and Luke's respective fancasts might look like. They recommend that you not check them out until you've heard their discussion first!

Friendterrogation 2:

Friendterrogation #1: Mandela Effects and Karaoke Duets

7/3/2017 - The Scooby Dudes host their first ever Q&A episode, and many a Q is A'd! Gathering queries from Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon, Luke and Evan address topics that range from the very Scooby-specific to those about one of their personal love lives. It's a good time!

This week also manages to feature the longest and unwieldiest outro we've ever had to date, so if you wanted to listen to it for that segment alone you'll have to skip ahead to the final ten or so minutes. Go too far and you'll miss it!

THE MORE YOU KNOW: This was originally released as "Q&A #1", with the same subtitle, and it wasn't until Evan posted it to Facebook and framed it as a "friendly interrogation" that he realized what a grave mistake he'd made. 

Stop(gap) In the
Name of Love

5/15/2017 - There was originally a whole lot of work put into coming up with a naming convention for these installments [ie. ALL FILLER, REASONABLE AMOUNT OF KILLER], but ideally having to record filler to make up for a lack of an episode will never happen again.

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties this week's podcast needed to be started from scratch, so here's a little something that Luke and Evan cobbled together to tide you over to next Monday. They're so sorry!

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Uploading this to Soundcloud led to an unprecedented spike in listens which may have something to do with other people thinking this was a song. It's fun to imagine how pleasantly surprised they were at what they really found.

Promo - Hold On To Your Butts, It's "Scooby Dudes"!

3/27/2017 - The only "Scooby Dudes" promo we/you needed.

We never actually say "hold on to your butts".

THE MORE YOU KNOW: This was all that existed of Scooby Dudes for about a week, and while we're told people generally enjoyed it we are somewhat chagrined about repeating some key information.