the dudes


Co-host, podcast mixer and editor, and bio pic artist. Luke is also responsible for the title card for Episode 40.


Luke enjoys comedy, TV, cartoons, video games, books, movies, guitar, goofs, ergodic literature, and pop-up books. When he’s not watching or talking with Evan about Scoob, he’s warming up for talking about Scoob. What’s the warm-up routine? It’s telling jokes, eating grapefruit, buying candles, reading comics, listening to audiobooks, talking along with podcasts, starting/stopping his magnum opus graphic/novel, and listing things. Some have said Luke has too many hobbies and interests. Some say he lists things too much. To this, Luke has cited the many times he has not listed things, including but not limited to that one time at the party when he didn’t list anything, just last night when he refrained from listing things, and the other day when there were like a million things to list and Luke kept things tight. Some have said that Luke can go on. Luke disagrees.

Luke resides in sunny Saint Paul, Minnesota where he ingests food and sleeps intermittently.  

You can find him on Twitter at @DotyKin.


Co-host, website design, social media, and bio pic/logo artist.  Evan is also responsible for the title cards for Episode 21, 24, 28-31, and 46-49.


Evan was going to begin writing this bio by listing all of his interests, but that felt a lot like filling out an online dating profile, and we all know how much success that's gotten him.

Really, though, he digs comic books, boring ol' regular books, TV both good and bad, AYCE sushi, and writing about what internet commenters have lovingly dubbed "SJW propaganda". Evan has forgotten more about Asian representation in Western media than you know. Though to be fair, he also has a terrible memory.

Evan also enjoys comedy, both as an audience member as well as entertaining people and making them laugh. He considers himself at his funniest when he's around Luke; hopefully that's an actuality and not all in his head.

Evan can be found in Toronto, ON where he is either working or a student, depending on when you read this. 

Feel free to check out his blog Culture War Reporters as well as his Bachelor meme Instagram @TheBatChiller.