• 2:16 - Evan did not add Crash Team Racing-related tags to this episode on SoundCloud.
  • 7:56 - Luke refers to the worm as being like one of the creatures from Dune:  "Muad'Dib, the Eater of Worlds". The former is the name Paul Atreides takes for himself, and the latter is a pre-Hardmode giant Corruption-themed worm boss in the game Terraria.
  • 9:53 - Evan likens Roberto Torres' soul patch to "tire tracks", which would be accurate if the two patches of hair were side by side. They're one above the other, however, which makes it more like the centre line of a road.
  • 21:55 - The Mystery Machine is called a "VW" by Evan. This is with him knowing full well [due to an article he read] that that's not what kind of vehicle it is.
  • 40:35 - Luke says the Wormians are "brandishing a pair of, like, giant scissors", with Evan backing them up saying they're "enormous novelty [scissors]". In retrospect, they're definitely more like hedge shears.

EPISODE 14 - "The Fast and the Wormious"
What's New, Scooby-Doo?
Season 2, Episode 3

7/17/2017 - Honestly, we think that we deserve a big pat on the back for this episode. Given the potentially phallic symbolism of the monster at the heart of this episode, neither co-host reaches to grasp that low-hanging fruit. That could have been phrased better, probably.

If you count racing motor vehicles as a sporting event this is technically our third consecutive sports recap episode, which is . . . shocking, honestly. Don't let this apparent focus on athletics fool you, though! This episode is front-loaded with video game discussion, which eventually makes its way for a decent amount of classic science fiction literature, all while still doing our best to give our impressions of the episode. Which is all to say, it's still Scooby Dudes; business as usual.

  • 24:07 - The plural of "buttock" is "buttocks", which is to say that there was need to make the latter plural as it already was to begin with.
  • 26:49 - The 1938 Looney Tunes short "Jungle Jitters" is probably one of the most famous instance of blatant racism in old cartoons, so much so that it's one of the "Censored Eleven". You can check that out below, and see the Bugs Bunny short "Which is Witch" here.
  • 36:30 - Daphne taking "a battery, a bottle of water, and a bobby pin" and turning it into a [hydroelectricity aside] a battery feels a lot like when Dave the Barbarian made a megaphone.
  • Like we mentioned at the end of the show notes for Episode 10, don't look into /r/incels; it's not worth it.