• 42:22-36 - Evan had two very obvious opportunities to make a “too many kooks” joke and neglected to do so.

  • 44:46 - The actor playing Greg in the upcoming season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is Skylar Astin, who you may remember as being the guy you didn’t want to end up with Anna Kendrick in the Pitch Perfect movies.

  • 54:14 - It was “boxes full of Pepe”, as seen below:


EPISODE 62 - "Spooky Space Kook"
SCOOBY-DOO, Where are you!

9/24/2018 - More like ground control to Major Bomb, because honestly, this episode did not reach nearly the heights it could have. On the bright side, it did allow for that sick Bowie reference, so maybe this spacecraft does have a silver lining.

It’s a new(-ish) era of Scooby Dudes, with each week providing its own (superior?) mystery of just what exactly Editing Room Luke is going to do or, just as importantly, not do. He holds all of the power, folks, and don’t you ever forget it. Evan certainly doesn’t.

  • 00:29-00:44 - The Corrections/Clarifications section is already pretty full, so even though it’s not a myth that when War of the Worlds caused mass hysteria in the US when it originally aired on the radio, this shownote focuses on an article that covers when the same happened 11 years later in Ecuador (not Mexico).

  • 3:01 - CollegeHumor did have a few sketches, and this is one of them:

  • 43:37 - God bless whoever runs The Office YouTube channel, because they really do have any compilation you could ever need:

  • 45:14 - This is the least spoilery of Greg’s (Santino Fontana) songs. Seriously, though, do yourself a huge favour and watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

  • 49:06-41 - The episode of Captain Planet and the Planeteers that Luke is referring to is “Teers in the 'Hood”, which was the 22nd episode of the show’s 4th season. The title is presumably short for “Planeteers in the Neighbourhood”.

  • 1:02:16 - Long before Evan ever came up with the comparison, there was this guy on Twitter: