• 0:54 - In a rare-ish change of pace, it turns out that both Luke and Evan were correct. Wikipedia shares that the Kayan Lawhi women in Burma and those from the South Ndebele people group in South Africa wear neck rings. 
  • 16:27 - Evan introduced the idea of the Hope Diamond being the largest such gemstone, which Luke agreed with. The largest "gem-quality rough diamond" ever found, however, is actually the Cullinan Diamond at a little over three thousand karats.
  • 22:41 - The sound of keys dropping or being jingled or whatever is entirely Evan's fault. He really needs to be a lot more quiet on his end.
  • 1:10:12 - So Nabisco is a brand that's most commonly known for cookies like Chips Ahoy! and Oreos and crackers like Ritz or Triscuits. That said, the former does mean that the company has made its way into the frozen desserts section of supermarkets in the past.
  • 1:11:49 - The last time the infamous "cough remix" was brought up was Episode 9. Patreon donors can access it here, while everyone else can just imagine how good/bad it actually sounds.

EPISODE 16 - "I Left My Neck in San Francisco"
Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo
Season 1, Episode 10

7/31/2017 - What do you know about The City by the Bay? The Golden Gate City? Tell us what your education is like when it comes to The Paris of the West. What other metropolis is famous enough to be referred to as, simply, "The City"? And how many other places do you know that are haunted by a vampire that looks eerily like one of the members of Mystery Incorporated?

This week's episode explores such issues as distrust of longtime friends, the size and quality of precious stones, and how America treats its sizable incarcerated population. We won't reveal the depth of the exploration that's actually conducted, but all those topics are in here somewhere. Oh, and Scrappy's around too, but honestly the mystery is so good it hardly even matters. 

  • 2:20 - He's not a rapper though. And here's the gif Luke was talking about.

  • 14:19 - We've been overdoing it a bit with embedding YouTube clips lately, so instead of showing you the terrible Inhumans trailer, which you can find yourself, we'll direct you to an open letter someone wrote from the POV of Medusa's wig.
  • 26:37 - Honestly, no, Evan really doesn't know anything about that.
  • 30:28 - It is a little surprising that we weren't able to find anything online about a place that serves "the garlickiest slice" or pie or whatever. It sounds delicious but also divisive enough that social media would have a field day with it.
  • 50:48 - We already spoiled the end of Disney's Tarzan in the episode, so sorry for anyone who missed out on an almost 20-year-old movie. For those people, here's the scene so you can see it for yourself: