• 31:46-54 - As pointed out by one of our listeners (who actually has their own Scooby-Doo podcast you could listen to), the Barbary Coast is actually in North Africa, which is quite a ways from Barbados and the Caribbean.
  • 1:00:01 - This is one of those instances where Evan makes a joke, like there being sea cucumbers angry at Daphne, and Luke takes his words at face value. No, there were not in fact any sea cucumbers among the assembled sea fauna.
  • 1:05:09 - The artist of this title card, as you can see in the slideshow above, is Napassorn Sinsiri. Evan completely blanked and only referred to her by her surname. Just a reminder, but you can see her stuff on her Tumblr!

EPISODE 38 - "All Paws on Deck"
Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

3/5/2018 - It's not uncommon for the first paragraph of these write-ups to focus on missed opportunities, and this one is no exception. Why did neither Luke nor Evan bring up the classic Smokey Robinson tune "Cruisin'", popularized by Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow in the karaoke movie Duets? This episode takes place on a cruise- the song is about cruising together!

It's also not uncommon for episode descriptions to relay that Evan and Luke had a fun time recording, and that is especially true this time around. In spite of the former being extremely hungry and being late to making an important phone call, and the latter dragging his feet and the end of their session out whenever possible, things turned out really great!

  • 5:20 - If you wanted actual, concrete proof that JCB isn't a fan of comparisons between Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! and Family Guy look no further than this tweet:
  • 11:05 - "Doritos for girls" was all over the news about a month ago. TIME covered the internet's reaction, which is . . . about what you'd expect.
  • 13:13 - You can listen to Demi Adejuyigbe's "L-A-N-D-O" rap below, and read his Genius annotations here.
  • 27:20 - The "beat 'em up side-scrolling game" that Evan was blanking on was probably Streets of Rage 2.
  • 47:40 - Listen to the chase scene song yourself! It's "I'm Done", written by Andy Sturmer and performed by Marc Martel, and it's embedded below.
  • 56:44 - In case you were wondering, Luke first screams the word "sheet", followed by "folk". He would never actually swear on the podcast, especially not so loudly and suddenly; the censorship was merely for comedic effect.