• 00:58-1:02 - The comic strip that Evan was thinking of is Nestlings, by Warren Clements, which originally appeared in the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail. Its web presence is almost non-existent.
  • 20:56 - AIDS stands for "acquired immune deficiency syndrome".
  • 31:43 - It turns out that Asian house geckos can also be found in North America, but as an invasive species. 

EPISODE 47 - "Nowhere to Hyde"
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Season 2, Episode 1

5/14/2018 - What kind of world would it be if, whenever someone had a failed business venture, they decided to dress up as the ghost of a distant relative's wicked alter-ego and began to live a life of crime? Putting it that way, it actually stands to reason that their villainy might by stymied by others hard on their luck who instead opted for a career in heroism.

Given how the first Raimi Spider-Man movie worked out, it actually makes perfect sense why Dr. Jekylll wouldn't want to continue down the path of vitamin-related science. After all, no one loves the idea of having to go back to formula.

  • 12:09 - Konstantin Stanislavski's system should actually not be confused with the American Method of acting, and in fact the director would ask students to drop character when rehearsals were over.
  • 17:40-18:30 - The claim to fame of the person in charge of the YouTube channel for The Office is undoubtedly their retitling and re-releasing this clip. Below is the one Evan referenced: