• 6:06 - There was a show called Blind Justice that featured a blind detective. It ran on ABC and lasted for a single thirteen-episode season.
  • 46:53-47:02 - It was apocrypha in the circles Luke and Evan used to run in that the filmmakers responsible for Casino Royale had made Daniel Craig's eyes more blue and piercing whenever he was truly in his element (i.e. killing). That being said, a cursory search reveals that while many articles mention that feature (including this interview with the actor), none of them hint at this technique having been implemented in the 21st Bond film. 

EPISODE 48 - "Poodle Justice"
Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!
Season 1, Episode 4

5/21/2018 - Is there some connection between the fact that this is a podcast about a Great Dane that metes out justice to criminals, focusing on an episode about a fictional crime procedural starring a canine consulting detective, and that it was horrifically delayed by a motorcoach operator named after a racing breed of dog? Probably not. 

The artist of this week's title card would also like to issue an apology for any Mike Mignola enthusiasts who were excited for any related audio content. It's just visual, but if you'd like to hear more coverage about Big Red and co. I would suggest shooting the hosts an email.

  • 2:31 - The animation technique that Luke is referring to is called "unmoving plaid". You may recognize it from the Cartoon Network show Chowder, the creator of which explained their process in an interview from about a decade ago.
  • 24:37 - In searching for an appropriate mobile game in which you control a character catching food in their mouths, this wikiHow article was stumbled upon, which is just as delightful if not vastly more so.
  • 31:32-31:43 - The idea that one's own mind (or however someone wants to define their being) is the only thing that is assuredly real (or, as Luke says, alive) is known as solipsism.
  • 33:21-33:31 - That photograph would of course be Lunch atop a Skyscraper, also known as New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam, as seen below.