• 4:16 - Although Evan has since remembered this particular teacher's name, he was never going to disclose it here on this site.
  • 21:16-18 - It's pronounced "mall", like a shopping mall.
  • 31:07-41 - Given that Coolsville is said to be located in Ohio, and that Red Herring is likely somewhere in East Africa, that marks a time difference of seven hours, which does make the events of this episode fairly plausible.
  • 58:00 - The past tense of "bear with me" is "bore with me", meaning that Luke got it right the first time.

EPISODE 52 - "The Babysitter From Beyond" 

6/25/2018 - Given that most of this episode revolves around a three-headed zombie and an escaped convict, there's precious little time devoted to the babysitter, and thus, where she's from specifically. In that way the creators of this installment place it in line with particular purveyors of linens, towels, and magical remote controls.

This week Evan and Luke go on far too many tangents, but still manage to keep things at just over an hour. Does this mean that they're depriving their listeners of precious Scooby-Doo content? Are the rabbit trails they're following ultimately more rewarding than the aforementioned on-topic discussions? Listen and find out!