• 6:27 - It was actually #JosieQuest, and you can see for yourselves what impact it had on the internet here!
  • 13:49 - The frontwoman of the band was played by Rachael Leigh Cook.
  • 33:04-12 - At the rear of the Dixie Queen there actually is a paddle wheel, it's just not easily visible on the side of the ship. Either way, Evan should have caught that.
  • 42:46 - It's actually Lance Goodwin, not Captain Scavenger. The latter is taking the majority of teens to the caves alongside the Ghost of Injun Joe.

EPISODE 59 - "The Haunted Showboat"
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8/27/2018 - Why did neither Luke nor Evan talk about how the titular vessel was named the Dixie Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen? Because they're slacking, that's why. Because they're not putting their hearts and souls into this project.

Give that (at the time of this writing) last week's episode had no corrections whatsoever, their latest installment is rife with mistakes. But hey, it's not like Evan is packing up all of his earthly possessions to move to another place at the end of the month, or that Luke has his own stuff going on. It's inexcusable, honestly.

  • 30:06 - The term Evan uses is the third definition on Urban Dictionary, which upsettingly follows two definitions which are the standard dictionary definition.
  • 57:04 - Evan obviously knew what Prezi is, but for listeners who don't, it's a presentation software which features a "zooming user interface".
  • 59:33 - That "number one billboard hit" was of course "Sugar, Sugar", which topped the Billboard hot 100 for four consecutive weeks.