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EPISODE 58 - "That's Monstertainment"
the 13 ghosts of SCOOBY-DOO

8/20/2018 - Here's a question that neither Luke nor Evan have ever considered on the podcast: why does opening the chest not re-release the already-trapped demons? In this episode the chest is very clearly open and waiting for Zomba to fly into it, so why don't any ghosts fly out in the meantime?

As far as the podcast, Evan is still making faces that listeners cannot see, Luke is hung up on people being obsessed with Lord of the Rings characters, and everyone, absolutely every single person out there, is so very, very hungee. 

  • 2:50-3:19 - Not to only is the following video not safe to be viewed at work, it's unsafe to be viewed anywhere around people who currently love and/or respect you.
  • 17:08 - You can actually play Garfield: Caught in the Act using this Sega Genesis emulator!
  • 46:07 - Hearing about Scooby-Doo being "muscular like a human" of course brings to mind famous bodybuilding YouTuber Scooby Werkstatt. His personal website answers such questions as whether he's gay or rich, as well as including more workouts than anyone could possibly have time for.
  • 53:55-54:48 - While Evan does get a few details long, such as the gender of the victim, the type of vehicle, and even the specific children's ride, it is essentially what took place on a playground in Germany way back in 2012.
  • 1:00:19 - CalebCity has done a lot of incredible work, but this recent video of his is absolutely incredible...
  • ...while the following is the true reason that Evan wants to voice cast Alex Jones in a personal project: