• 23:40 - The monsters in the Dead Space series are called “Necromorphs”.

  • 29:37 - While both pronunciations are used, a Chicago Tribune article suggests that the latter “is not considered standard and may be viewed as a mistake by people who know French."


EPISODE 65 - "Apocalypse Right Now!"

10/22/2018 - Over four years ago writer and editor Rachel Edidin created the We Are Comics campaign, which revolved around the idea that comics are for everyone. This is categorically true. Comics are a medium that serve a broad audience, from young children to fantasy enthusiasts to people who have bad taste.

Not to say that fans of Scooby Apocalypse count among the latter, only that the series so far has been found wanting by both co-hosts. Luckily for the folks over at DC Comics, the two have helpfully laid out a few ways that the second issue, published in June 2016, can be improved.

  • 1:47 - Evan is referring to a line reading by Dead Kevin’s Ryan O’Flanagan on their very good sketch titled “Interview”:

  • 18:20 - While they’re nowhere close to what they once were, the folks at Comic Book Resources did get Brian Cronin to put together this article on the “Marvel Method”.

  • 26:28 - Leave it up to TV Tropes to contain a full list of the Chekhov’s Gun Depot’s contents.

  • 36:21 - A single, innocuous Crossed piece of trivia: various series within the same world have been penned by Garth Ennis, Alan Moore, David Lapham, and Si Spurrier, with Lapham being the only American among them.

  • 46:38 - The Krebs cycle, also known as the citric acid cycle or tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle, is not a vehicle and thus could not have ferried the gang out of the underground bunker.

  • 50:02 - Where it all began, and starring the inimitable (podcast favourite) Kumail Nanjiani: