• 13:51 - Screenshots in the slideshow above reveal that Vincent Van Ghoul is actually in a getup much more akin to Doctor Strange than an opera attendee. That being said, it is the only outfit he’s shown wearing, from one movie to the next.

  • 16:04 - Luke mentions that Fred is “not, as we’ll find out, completely asexual.” It’s worth noting that at this point the character may actually still be asexual, as he’s not portrayed as showing any apparently sexual interest in anyone. All this episode reveals is that Fred is romantic and not aromantic.

  • 32:35 - The crypt actually reads “Carlswell”, not “Carswell”, which is also how the gang in this episode refer to the man behind the mask in Jeepers, It’s the Creeper.


EPISODE 66 - "The LEgend of Alice May"
SCOOBY-Doo! Mystery incorporated Season 1, Episode 6

11/5/2018 - Without completely spoiling this week’s episode, let it be known that a character is hidden behind a stone wall, and not a single, solitary time do either co-host make reference to Edgar Allan Poe’s magnum opus, The Cask of Amontillado.

On an unrelated not, Luke and Evan are luring listeners in with yet another recap of Mystery Incorporated. The fresh twist on an old tale? They’re the clowns! Also, neither of them like wine, so that’s another notable alteration to the classic short story.

  • 5:35 - They’re living for the weekend-

-they’re living for the weekend!

  • 12:00 - One such noseless ghoul is the wood-harvesting, melee attacking Ghoul unit from WarCraft III, which last weekend’s Blizzcon revealed would be receiving an HD re-release! You can check out one of their ugly mugs on the game’s website.

  • 18:36 - Ashe was the new Overwatch hero announced at Blizzcon!

Lead writer Michael Chu did tweet, however, that she is not the “former lover of McCree”.

  • 24:34 - Just look at all of these mirror scares:

  • 37:10 - The “mini flexible golf club” that Luke is referring to is also known as a “swagger stick” for military wielders, but also a “riding crop” for regular horse riders who enjoy hitting their steeds.

  • 53:15 - Evan was thinking of Neal McDonough, who played the villain Damien Darhk (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) on Season 5 of the CW’s Arrow.