• 11:48 - Raven's incantation of choice is "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!", with emphasis typically placed on the last word.

  • 41:18 - Gunther actually looks nothing like any of the members of The Ganggreen Gang. Maybe a bit of Ace and a bit of Snake, but even that seems like a stretch.

  • 41:25 - That Teen Titans villain Luke is referring to is Klarion the Witch Boy (not Simon), who actually appeared as an antagonist in their mutually beloved Young Justice.

  • 59:52 - It was brought to our attention by one of our more attentive listeners that Scooby in fact says "Gator person!" and not "I'm a good person!" I've decided to leave up the corresponding show note on the right regardless.


EPISODE 22 - "The Creeping Creatures"
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
Season 1, Episode 2

9/25/2017 - You know what the most disappointing thing about this entire episode is? The fact that not once, at any point, do they bother to make some kind of "later, gator" quip. I mean, it literally writes itself. Were it seven years ago I would need to fetch myself a ladder. In order to help retrieve the writers from their high horse.

As the hosts of this podcast inch ever closer to the dreaded two hour mark they have a fantastic time along the way. There's talk of voice actors, cinematography, yet another Westworld reference, and, right in the final minutes, an important reminder of the importance of using preferred pronouns.

  • 8:44 - That "thing that films will do" is called digital colour correction, and Cracked actually did a little write-up on it in their list of "5 Annoying Trends That Make Every Movie Look the Same".

  • 24:13 - Yes, Luke Cage really does say "Where's my money, honey?", and to Doctor Doom of all people. That took place in Hero For Hire #9, and if you want to get a lot more context I would suggest reading this.

  • 40:23 - Evan mentions walleye, the fish, but if anything Luke should have. After all, it's the state fish of Minnesota, and residents eat more walleye there "than in any other jurisdiction [of the United States]".

  • 59:52 - The words "I'm a good person" will, for the truly fortunate, bring to mind one of the highlights of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's first season:

  • 59:55 - Some wonderful soul has compiled a list of their favourite Assassin's Creed II quotes, including such delights as: ""I'm too young to die! God, please let me live! I promise to live a better life! I can't die... I'M BEAUTIFUL! Oh, animale! HELP!"

  • 1:03:43 - Of course it's the 90-10 kissing rule, as Luke rightly states; what could Evan possibly know about locking lips? Anyway, here's that scene, starring a pre-Paul Blart: Mall Cop Kevin James: