• 27:21 - Okay, so the issue Evan is referencing is Jughead Double Digest #197, specifically the story "Bird Brain". The reason this is being shared here, and not as a regular shownote, is because it's actually "Hugo the Hilarious Hypnotist" who puts the title character under a trance. For the most part, however, it's as he describes it. You can find it on Google Books here.
  • 35:53 - One of the podcast's Patreon donors actually noted, having listened to this episode a day early, that both Evan and Luke confused Jeffrey Dahmer for John Wayne Gacy Jr. On that note, here's a link to an incredible song on the latter.
  • 46:32 - It's "Iwao Takamoto", not "Iwamoto", who drew up the original character designs for Scoob and the gang.

EPISODE 29 - "Bedlam in the Big Top"
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Season 1, Episode 10

11/27/2017 - Given that both of this podcast's co-hosts have been really big into The Good Place recently, let's do a little math. On one side of the equation we have two references to passages from the Bible, and on the other we have jokes made about serial killers, dog fight enthusiasts, and Tom Hardy. It's a tough one for sure, it may be worth pulling out some scratch paper.

Also, isn't it appropriate that an episode starring a clown would be so funny? Evan and Luke truly enjoy the show they're watching as well as each other's company. Or maybe they enjoy making fun of each other and this particular installment of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!. Honestly, it's kind of hard to tell either way-