• 14:10 - The name of the restaurant in the Space Needle is "SkyCity". At the time of this writing Google has it down as Permanently closed.
  • 21:00 - Turns out that both Luke and Evan were wrong. The board and figures used in Sunday schools across the world are actually referred to as "flannelgraph", which is similar to fuzzy felt but not the same thing.
  • 53:00 - To answer Luke's question, cable cars first began being used in the late 1800s. In terms of Evan's later assertion that there's no way the gang's trap could have worked, given that the system involved the cars being "pulled along a fixed track by a moving steel cable", it turns out that it very much would have.
  • 1:02:34 - The lizards in Louis Sachar's Holes actually have yellow spots, not purple ones.
  • 1:05:24 - Evan was right the first time, it's Albert Wesker.

EPISODE 30 - "A Frightened Hound Meets Demons Underground"
The Scooby-Doo Show
Season 1, Episode 10

12/11/2017 - You're probably wondering why, given that the title of this episode explicitly refers to the demons being under the ground, that Evan decided to illustrate the title card with the demon atop the Space Needle, which is decidedly above ground. The reason for that is a little something called CREATIVE LICENSE.

It's almost shocking how much the co-hosts of this podcast discuss the city of Seattle, Washington, without really talking about it in any significant way. Outside of that one tower, what else is there? I mean sure, a lot of chicken teriyaki, but what else? Actually, you know what, that on its own is actually pretty cool.

  • 8:23 - First off, that name is spelled" "Hoyt Curtin". Secondly, here's a YouTube video of the theme from The New Scooby-Doo Movies, which is only one of the very many pieces of music he composed for the franchise:
  • 9:16 - Pretty video-heavy with these shownotes, but if you really wanted to hear just how bad William Shatner is as a "speak-singer" you can check that out here. The "right-wing political beliefs" that Evan mentions have to do with the actor's opinion on "SJWs".
  • 30:40 - No, Evan is not going to show you "the face". There was never any possibility of him taking a picture of himself doing that and embedding it here.
  • 34:12 - The idea of an underground city is already so cool, and you deserve a resource on it that attempts to match that level of coolness. That's why I'm linking to Atlas Obscura instead of Wikipedia.
  • 50:28 - In all fairness to Banksy, he's never depicted Ronald McDonald as a corporate mascot who has eaten heavily of his own wares. Here's a really great roundup of works targeting the fast food clown, with the anonymous artist taking up three slots.
  • 1:05:10 - The specific game that Evan was reminded of was 

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Here's a trailer but, uh, don't watch it.