• 1:30 - Looks like there's an article titled "No, Australia is not to blame for the California wildfires", which directly counters something that Evan read on tumblr one time.
  • 7:07 - The Pokérap lyric is actually "150 or more to see". That said, the first generation of Pokemon numbered 151, with MewTwo being the 151st.
  • 28:09 - Queen Morbidia does not have a "tall, Marge Simpson-esque" column of hair. Cartoons of the actual Bride of Frankenstein often do, though, and Evan conflated the two. 
  • 55:10 - Luke was referring to Nicholson Baker's first novel, The Mezzanine, published in 1988. Evan was actually talking about "Descending", a short story written by Thomas M. Disch in 1964.

EPISODE 31 - "Me and My Shadow Demon"
The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo
Season 1, Episode 3

12/17/2017 - You may remember the original plan for Luke and Evan to cover this particular show every 13 episodes. Yet here we are, at Episode 31, which is 14 episodes after "Scoobra Kadoobra". The obvious reason for that is that 31 backwards is 13! This was always the plan, there were definitely no scheduling conflicts that led to this

This week there are an oddly high number of references to Tolkien's most well-known work, as well as callbacks to Scooby Dudes mainstays like Disney's Sword in the Stone. Any noticeable decrease in laughs can be chalked up to the fact that this was recorded in the hellish timescape of 2017, meaning that issues were discussed and summarily edited out. Solid capper, though, thanks to the dulcet tones of ProZD.

  • 27:44 - Vampirella has actually been redesigned a few times in the past several years. You can see what artist Nicola Scott's take looked like on ComicsAlliance (RIP).
  • 47:37 - Ted Danson is 6'2" (or, for most of the world, 1.88 m). 
  • 57:17 - It's Giles Cory who is crushed to death under heavy rocks in Arthur Miller's The Crucible. And yes, his last lines are super badass.
  • 1:01:29 - Here's Patton Oswalt's filibuster scene, from Parks and Recreation, Season 5, Episode 19, "Article Two", in its entirety:
  • 1:18:33 - You should find Luke's reaction to be completely warranted.