EPISODE 35 - "Night of the Living Burger"
A Pup Named Scooby-Doo
Season 2, Episode 5

2/5/2018 - What is surprising about this episode is how little emphasis was put on actual food, in this case, burgers. Both Luke and Evan have been known to enjoy a burger in their day, and the latter is a particularly enthusiastic when it comes to eating and things that are eaten. 

Another fun little bonus for all of you website visitors, but you would not believe the amount that made it onto the cutting room floor this week. That whole thing between Luke and Little Boy Evan was much more, uh . . . well, there was a lot more to it at some point. As a whole, let's just say that not everything that is removed from the final audio file will turn into bonus content for our Patreon backers.

  • 0:18 - Dying to find out what the other nine jokes were? You can read them here at "The ten funniest jokes ever (according to science)".
  • 5:22 - We're Back is a 1993 Universal Pictures animated film about friendly dinosaurs that takes some truly dark turns. It also starts two children without any (human) adult supervision, so there are some pretty clear parallels.
  • 15:33 - Mojo is an X-Men villain who, coincidentally, can kind of be boiled down to "unethical businessman".
  • 17:48 - Evan's comment had nothing to do with artillery one might wear like a hat. "Headcanon" is basically short form for a person's personal canon, or what they believe to be true in a piece of media.
  • 27:05-27:34 - The sound Luke makes actually sounds not unlike the audio that plays when the Humongous Entertainment logo pops up on screen.
  • 42:07 - In spite of it being a "wonderfully poppy, upbeat song", there's not really an easy place to listen to the tune scoring this episode's chase scene. I'm sorry we couldn't do better than the following: