• 7:20 - Contrary to what Evan said, Jeepers Creepers did not take place "in the Midwest somewhere", and was actually filmed and set in Florida. The sequel, Jeepers Creepers II, was filmed in California, but narratively takes place mere days after the original.

  • 16:08 - Luke and Evan were talking about the Steven Universe character Nanefua Pizza. While Evan guessed that she was Trinidadian, she actually hails from Ghana.


EPISODE 34 - "The Secret of the Ghost Rig"
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
Season 1, Episode 3

1/22/2018 - This was never mentioned anywhere in the episode, but two days after this goes live Evan will be taking his driving test. What if he's navigating through the fog and an enormous tractor trailer with flaming wheels tries to run him off the road? The point is that had he mentioned it he might have been fully prepared.

Anyway, this is the Scooby Dudes' second attempt (with this being the first) at shaking up their format, and maybe it's not the right move in the long run. That said, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette. You also need to dice up vegetables, grate cheese, and prepare any other ingredients that might be going into it. Basically mise en place is very important.


  • 1:02:14 - The most fascinating thing about the "Not You" meme is that it originated on the Netflix Latino Facebook account. Evan also promised to create a meme using that exact format, and here it is:

not you meme.png