• 19:44 - Luke says that Officer McBride is voiced by "Dan Castellanato". Fans of The Simpsons will be quick to point out that the surname is actually spelled and pronounced "Castellaneta".
  • 29:27 - First of all, it's not Shadowlance, it's Dragonlance. Secondly, Evan was actually referring to the Dragonriders of Pern, a series of fantasy novels by Anne McAffrey. Dragonlance is a completely different series that was the brainchild of Laura and Tracy Hickman, further expanded by the latter and Margaret Weis.

EPISODE 36 - "A Scooby-Doo Valentine"
Season 3, Episode 3

2/12/2018 - This week's episode is a genuine blast to the past, all the way back to the aughts. A time when Evan had more girl drama than he knew what to do with and Luke was perpetually single. Here, in the Year of our Lord 2018, the former has been alone for a decade and the latter is a very happily married man.

Their relationship statuses aside, a holiday themed episode like this one gives the duo so much to talk about that they end up having to cut out huge swathes of what they'd recorded. They opt to leave a lot out, but everything left is solid stuff. Their longer-than-usual outro even touches on the philosophical issue of who can really own a name, as well as bringing back a magical item from this year's very first episode.

  • 3:17 - As mentioned, "kerning" refers to the space between letters or characters. Luke and Evan would have been better off discussing what's known to typographers as "tracking", which is the space between letters the degree of increase or decrease of that same space that affects the density of text. It sounds the same but it's different.
  • 9:47 - Here's a link to the infamous 4chan greentext that birthed the "man door hand hook car door". Here's another tumblr meme that utilizes those six words to great effect.
  • 20:24 - Evan's assertion that Black Lightning is "very black" was in part taken from an article on io9 titled "Black Lightning Is the Blackest Superhero TV Show of All Time", which is something that has since been confirmed by a few of his friends.
  • 47:36 - You should know what an "Ewok-style log trap" is, but in the even that you don't here are a few examples:
  • 48:21 - The song that scores the chase scene is Walk on the Wire by the Sahara Hotnights. They have kind of a Metric-meets-The-Runaways kind of sound.