• 17:29 - While it is related to their conversation, Evan very much got things off-track due to being completely, 100% wrong. The series which showcased an alternate universe with corresponding comic book covers was actually Fringe, and you can see those covers here.
  • 20:59 - Scooby-Doo! and the Beach Beastie was recapped in Episode 33.
  • 1:02:38-41 - Nope, Shaggy was actually flung out of the window by the phantom, who used some sort of supernatural telekinetic force.

EPISODE 42 - "Scoobynatural"
Season 13, Episode 16

4/2/2018 - If you really think about it, as far as live-action characters falling into animated worlds, "Scoobynatural" is only slightly scarier than Pagemaster and several rungs lower on the sexiness level than Cool World. Maybe don't Google that last one assuming that it's fun for the whole family.

Also, while this episode is quite long, when else have Evan and Luke had to not only cover Scooby-Doo and company, but also characters from an entirely different franchise, and one that has been so tonally different from the various series. It's a lot of work and they do a good job and often stay up pretty late doing that good job, so give them some slack but also tell them nice things!

  • 11:45 - This is obviously a reference to Dean Pelton from Community, but specifically to Joel McHale acting as the Dean in Season 3, Episode 8, "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux".
  • 13:44-49 - In terms of DC animation, Jensen Ackles voiced Jason Todd in the film Batman: Under the Red Hood, which is really quite decent.
  • 42:56 - The person on Tumblr who wrote it can be found at allhailweegee, with a screengrab of the actual post below-
  • 1:13:11 - "Pete Holmes' Christian Bale's Batman", or, as fans of the immensely popular CollegeHumor series know him as, "Badman".
  • 1:33:55-34:19 - That would be Luke 15:22-28.
  • 1:37:15-37:48 - A much deeper cut, though possibly worth adding to your repertoire of parables, Matthew 20: 1-16.