• 24:58 - Wikipedia marks the invention of the first gun at around 1000 AD, with Assassin's Creed II (and Leonardo da Vinci himself) taking place in the 1400s.
  • 26:25 - One might refer to a period in which one works and studies independently on a project of their choosing an "independent study".
  • 31:59 - The model that Daphne is handed is the Azalea 9 Phone, which lines up with Luke saying that it included "the name of a flower". Though Evan is also not incorrect by saying it had a "Greek 'A' word".
  • 46:45 - Velma calls the device a "melting engine", which Daphne is not impressed by.

EPISODE 49 - "Daphne & Velma"
Direct-to-DVD/blu-ray/digital HD

5/28/2018 - There has never before been an episode as raw, gritty, and uncut as this one you're about to listen to. A big reason for that is Luke not editing out any of his co-host's coughing. That's real, listeners. That's a side of podcasting that other people won't show you.

Luke and Evan have been looking forward to watching Daphne & Velma ever since they brainstormed what it might be like in a Patreon inclusive. It managed to live up to all of their expectations, and then some, if you can even begin to believe that.

  • 5:22 - That particular Calvin & Hobbes strip was published on July 14, 1989, his takeaway being that food should be nutrition and entertainment. You can read that here!
  • 14:40 - Samuel L. Jackson's iconic role in Snakes on a Plane is actually FBI agent Neville Flynn.
  • 24:21 - Some wonderful person out there has uploaded both the hug and the snub in one handy-dandy video.
  • 1:08:16 - Bringing canaries down into coal mines to use them to detect carbon monoxide was such a common practice that "canary in a coal mine" has since become an idiom.