• 13:10 - Severe pain actually can cause vomiting, as former aerobic instructor, swim instructor, and lifeguard Patricia Snyder explains in this Quora post.

EPISODE 50 - "Scooby's Night of Frozen Fright" (w/ Ibtisam Brown)
SCOOBY-DOO, Where Are You!

6/4/2018 - Common terminology for our ancestors is "Early Man", which seems like a bit of an odd holdover in our more politically correct day and age. Given that this is Scooby Dudes' 50th recap/review episode this week, you could say that it features a "Late Woman", though by no fault of hers.

Evan and Luke ask Ibtisam to be their guest, be their guest, put their service to the test. If anything she's the one who's tested, but gamely puts up with them (in this case "them" refers to "the man she's chosen to spend the rest of her life with"). A good time is had by all, and group you can very easily be a part of!