• Various Times - Luke initially describes a portion of the field as "the pitch", which Evan swiftly adopts. The two continue to do so throughout the episode, not realizing that the term is from the sport of cricket, not baseball.
  • 43:18-30 - Evan surmises that what Scrappy hands Scooby and Shaggy are almost certainly fireworks, while Luke believes them to be dynamite. Both neglect the fact that the pup pulls them out of a box clearly labelled "ROMAN CANDLES".

EPISODE 54 - "The Demon of the Dugout" 
SCOOBY-DOO and Scrappy-Doo

7/16/2018 - While Evan and Luke do describe the monster in this episode, they don't go into nearly enough detail when it comes to how frumpy and nonthreatening it is. A person in a bathrobe would be more frightening, if only because there's the off-chance that it might slip open. 

Speaking of bathrobes, why isn't there an episode where Scoob and the gang enjoy a day at a Japanese bathhouse? It's probably because Scooby-Doo is a dog, isn't it. Actually, that makes quite a great deal of sense.

  • 12:10-30 - Modern Family's Manny Delgado is played by Rico Rodriguez. He published a book in 2012 with a surprisingly high rating on Goodreads.
  • 14:34 - Tokaido™ can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Game studio Funforge does not currently sponsor this podcast, but they definitely should.
  • 31:54 - Fake or artificial food displays are so tied into Japan that the Wikipedia article on the subject has "Use by Japanese restaurants" as its first section. Here's a great article on the town of Gujo Hachiman, which is the hub of the replica food industry.
  • 39:28-50 - In Season 7, Episode 8 of Seinfeld ("The Checks") Kramer in fact hosts Japanese businessmen in drawer beds. This is almost certainly inspired by the capsule hotels found throughout the East Asian country. You can watch it on Dailymotion here because it can't be embedded on Squarespace.
  • 59:26 - There are so many Google results that come up with the terms "FIFA corrupt" that it's difficult to choose just one. Here's the most recent as of the time of this writing.
  • 1:05:19-27 - Honestly Logan Paul sucks so much. If you don't believe it let Kotaku try to convince you otherwise (article includes a description of the video so that you don't have to watch it).