• 43:26-50 - There is no photographic evidence anywhere of the instrument that Evan describes. The "alphorn" or "alpenhorn", however, is the horn featured in the Ricola commercials. Switzerland is also not a Nordic country.

  • 51:28-36 - The game is called Days Gone, not Last Days.


EPISODE 55 - "The Song of Mystery" 
SCOOBY-DOO! Mystery Incorporated SEASON 1, EPISODE 5

7/23/2018 - If only this episode had been released on a Friday, then reference could be made to an aggressively okay collaboration between Lil' Dicky and Chris Brown. Basically a bit of a switcheroo takes place, but where exactly in the episode is it? Hint: the outro.

On the topic of the show itself, presumably Que Horrifico actually exists in their world. If that weren't the case, how else would Professor de Potrillo have been in the possession of slides that feature photographs of the monster? One theory is that they're the results of an elaborate photoshoot of his making.

  • 30:06-40 - A quick and easy way to age a Canadian is determining whether this trope reminds them of Family Channel's Smart Guy or YTV's Mr. Young.

  • 37:17 - The film adaptation of The Silver Chair is going to be director Joe Johnston's last film, his other notable works including Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and Captain America: The First Avenger.

  • 51:51-52:05 - This hour-long preview of Last Days is timestamped to start right when the dev begins explaining the concept of "Newts", or the juvenile infected.