• 13:46-14:00 - On one hand, most Dictionary websites actually define "apprehension" as "the act of arresting; seizure". On the other, it's consistently listed as the last, and therefore least common, definition.
  • 30:41 - Evan did not pick up on Luke's play on words of "foul tips", and as such deserves to be chastised and corrected here.
  • 37:42 - The owner of the Gypsy Moths and the Middleton Baseball Stadium is named "Jack Turner", not "Jim Turner".  

EPISODE 56 - "Grand Scam"

7/30/2018 - If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then baseball diamonds must be the one place that Luke never wants to be, ever. Their differing opinions on the sport of baseball aside, the Scooby Dudes are back to cover yet another episode on America's pastime.

In an installment where Mystery Incorporated becomes disheartened and down in the dumps, Luke and Evan are here to motivate listeners and let them know that they too can do it. There's no mystery too great, and that extends to the best scoring word in a popular online take on Scrabble.

  • 4:05 - The line is more simply: "violence for violence is the rule of beasts", which is one of a number of unforgettable lines uttered by former President of the United States Barack Obama in people's dreams. A number of them have been collected here.
  • 6:21 - The Vine appears to have been taken at a concert of some sort, but this concessions vendor could have just as easily been working at a ball game of some sort-
  • 56:54 - They are, undoubtedly, one of the more boring-looking moths out there:
gypsy moth.jpg