• 35:28 - When Agent 2 passes the phone to ART he whispers "It's Phibes" and not anything referring to fathers.

EPISODE 57 - "Party Arty"

8/13/2018 - "Party Arty" is of course a play on the phrase "party hearty", which exists in the modern vernacular as "party hardy". This is something that both Luke and Evan were very well-aware of, they just decided not to comment on it.

Heartily party with the Scooby Dudes as they report on the biggest summer bash in the final waning month of the season. Everyone who's everyone will be there, from killer robots to overexcited henchmen to housing association presidents. You don't want to miss out!

  • 2:57 - Not to be confused with "God Made Dirt" by America indie folk band AJJ, formerly known as "Andrew Jackson Jihad".
  • 11:36-55 - Please don't feel offended by the first paragraph's assertion that you find Smosh funny, but do check out this listicle which accurately captures "What It’s Like When You Try to Show Someone a Funny Video". And yes, 12 and 13 are literally the same tweet.
  • 20:55-22:08 - In addition to the number of seeds in a pomegranate, apparently in Kabbalah "every complete entity is seen as being divisible into 613 parts". It's important to note that this piece of trivia has no citation on Wikipedia. 
  • 33:53 - According to an absurdly categorized article from The Sydney Morning Herald (politics, really?) Dunlop began using the word "thong" for flip-flops "when it began mass production [there] in 1959." 
  • 43:13 - Taking a deep dive into the abyss that is TV Tropes reveals that the term Luke was searching for could be Deus ex Machina, except that those must be unexpected solutions and these Scooby Snacks are no surprise. Applied Phlebotinum could work, as it is defined as "is the versatile substance that may be rubbed on anything to cause an effect needed by a plot".
  • 59:10 - Check out Selfie Valuation, a podcast about the ABC's award-winning* long-running** sitcom "Selfie".

    *may not actually have won any awards
    **depending on your definition of "long"